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Slica, S.L.

SLICA, S.L. - Since 1963
We are a company dedicated to metallic stampings.
Our speciality is stainless steel.

HISTORY - Short introduction

When founded in 1963, SLICA, S.L. operated as a mechanical manufacturer and provider to a wide variety of companies within the area of metallurgy. Our excellent service and the high quality of our products ensured the trust of our clients.

SLICA, S.L. is a constantly evolving company. Three decades on the top of a high competitive field demand that we are continually moving forward along with the latest technologies.

From that moment up to now SLICA, S.L., renewed its philosophy and adopted new and more effective objectives: general mechanical work was replaced by an exclusive dedication to mechanical press work, specially the transformation of stainless steel due to the great demand of this material.

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