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Slica, S.L.

SLICA, S.L. - Since 1963
We are a company dedicated to metallic stampings.
Our speciality is stainless steel.


At the moment the companies are in a very competitive market, so much in the European environment as world, that which implies the evident necessity to be welcomed to the modernization, the change of administration systems and the integration of people in a common objective.

Before these perspectives in SLICA, S.L., we have the restlessness of consolidating our situation, so much to short as long term, basing us on the professionality of our personnel and in the effectiveness of our organization.

In this sense must guarantee the trust of our clients leaning on in a System of Insurance of the Quality and an installation of procedures at all the levels of the company, for that in SLICA, S.L., we commit to maintain the System of Insurance of the Quality according to the pattern of the normative UNE EN-ISO 9002-94.

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